What is Young Living?

Celebrating an AMAZING 2018! Here are the highlights:


To answer this question in the most basic way Young Living is the world leader in essential oils and has been for many years. Please read below about the why of all that. You can also check out youngliving.com and get to know this amazing company for yourself!

I will be sharing tons of information on this website not only about Young Living and oils, but also about wellness in general and how we can boost our health above the wellness line in today’s Western culture. I am SO EXCITED to be sharing and learning along with all of you! Please do not hesitate to follow me on Instagram: @pure.simple.essential and on my Youtube channel: Pure Simple Essential, to see additional content.

Want to learn more about living more naturally with essential oils? Want to find out how Young Living showers their members with generosity? Click this link to access a class, written by yours truly with the help of some team members and some research, to get you up to date on all the basics!

Ready to jump right in?! Follow this link to get signed up as a wholesale member of Young Living, get your very own kit with all the basic essentials you need to live “oily”, and join my little team from which you will have access to support, answers to questions, and maybe even some free stuff every once in a while!

Got questions? So do I! Let’s work together to find the answers! Ask away using the comments section below Friends!!

Why I believe Essential Oils and Chemical Free living are so important!

I have a passion for all things pure because there are SO MANY toxins all around us today in products we have trusted for ages! According to 1 Corinthian 6:19-20 we are charged with the responsibility of honoring our bodies as temples of the Living God, and this is impossible to do when we are constantly bombarding our systems with harsh chemicals that have been linked over and over again with respiratory, endocrine and immune disruption!

So that is my why. Why I have chosen to start phasing harmful chemicals out of my life and treating my body from a preventative wellness standpoint instead of a reactive standpoint where I am only addressing symptoms of bigger problems and possibly harming my body more or missing things in the process. I specifically chose to go with Young Living’s essential oils and oil-infused products to start this journey of “ditching and switching” harmful chemicals and get my body closer to the wellness line, where I believe God intended for all of us to be from the beginning, because this company shares my passion for purity and has shown that time and time again!

Seed to Seal Guarantee of Purity

Young Living is a step ahead of any other natural company I have come across for one reason. Their Seed to Seal guarantee. Meaning from the moment the seed is planted in the ground, to the moment the steam distilled or cold pressed oil is sealed in its bottle and shipped to your door they do not cut any corners! Many other oils companies will cut corners on their products in order to make them cheaper to produce and to buy and guarantee mass produced stock. FDA regulations only require that a bottle of oil contain 5% actual essential oil in order to call it 100% Therapeutic Grade, therefore many companies fill 5% of their bottle with oil and the rest with fillers such as cooking oil. This may seem like a perk as these oils companies can sell their oils for much cheaper and keep cranking out stock at a very high rate. However, because their may be only 5% essential oil in any given bottle the potency and effectiveness of the oil drastically decreases. Not only that, but if an oils company is willing to cut corners in this way, it scares me to think what else they are willing to do for the sake of profit! Steam distillation is a very long, complicated and expensive process so many companies will actually use harmful chemicals in order to help the process along a bit and get to the end result faster. I don’t know about you, but I would rather wait for a bottle of oil that is out of stock because it could not be sourced, or the batch did not have the right constituents, then always have easy access to an oil but never really know what is in it. With Young Living this is ALWAYS the case because of their commitment to purity and turning out ONLY THE BEST product.

To learn more about Seed to Seal and see it in action visit seedtoseal.com.

Here is a glimpse at what this amazing standard is all about:Seed to Seal doc

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