So this is Christmas?

Maybe, like me, you have been looking at the wrong thing.
Yes, there are MANY great things about the holiday season: time with family, time off of work, gifts (both receiving and giving), the smiles and good attitudes that people seem to magically adopt for 1 day– as long as they have their shopping done and everything has gone exactly the way they planned.

But hold on

Is that what Christmas is about? And what about those who aren’t enjoying this season of this day at all? The lonely, those who have lost a loved one, the homeless who cannot give much and most likely do not receive much.

Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. The first Christmas was nothing special in the eyes of many who were very important. On the first Christmas, a baby was born in a shed amongst filth and animals. To those who saw though, that baby was HOPE!

Today we mark the birthday of Jesus. The God man. That’s a big deal! Over 2000 years ago, God, being all sufficient and totally satisfied in Himself, decided to come and be a man. Not just appear as an already fully grown man, but to be born and grow up into a man with all the pains, temptations, hurts, hormones, confusion etc that come with being human, being one of His own creation!

That is what today is! And today is just the beginning! We will see, come Easter Sunday, the fulfillment and the reason for today! To be continued…


This post came to me after waking up this morning and feeling like it was “just another day” and praying to God, “Why do I feel this way, O God? I know that this day is glorious. I know it is more than just a day! Last year I didn’t feel like this, what’s going on?” And then, as I had somehow ended up on Instagram, I scrolled past an endorsement for The Chosen, a multi-season TV series about the Gospel. The celebrity endorsing the pilot episode claimed it would get me in the “Christmas spirit”, so I watched the pilot episode called The Shepherd. Now, I can’t say that I am jumping up and down with the spirit of Christmas after watching this 20 minute episode– and maybe this year won’t be like that for me, and that’s cool– but it did remind me why today is special and help put me in the mindframe of those who experienced that first Christmas.

So if you, like me, need a reminder, or you don’t really know why we celebrate every December 25th, start here:

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