So You’re Interested in Essential Oils?

Hello There Friends!

First of all thank you SO MUCH for being interested in oils and trusting me to help you figure them out. That means a lot to me that you chose to open up this blog post and possibly begin an oily adventure!
And an adventure it is indeed!
First things first, what are oils? At the most basic level– and without writing you a book– essential oils are the most concentrated essence of the plant source. They can be extracted through steam distillation, cold pressing, resin tapping and absolute oil extraction. There are also 4 different grades of essential oils therapeutic grade (the highest quality and Young Living’s Standard), natural or organic, extended or altered, and synthetic. Typically, the farther you go down this list of grades (therapeutic being the highest quality and synthetic being the lowest) the cheaper oils get. This may seem like a great thing because who needs to spend a bunch of money on a bottle of oil​​, right? But keep in mind, these oils are also lower quality, meaning that their potency and effectiveness is likely to be lower as well. I don’t know about you, but if it is going on or in or anywhere near my body, I want to know that it is the best! Check out these videos for more in depth information about these topics:
Essential Oil Basics:
How Oils are Extracted:
Now that you know that not every oil is made equally, let me assure you that Young Living’s essential oils and oil-infused products are of the highest grade on the market. This is one of the things that made me fall in love with this company and want to make their products a part of my everyday life! And don’t just take my word for it, Young Living has made all of their growing and extraction policies and processes public knowledge. In fact, should you decide to become a member of Young Living you will have access to any of their farms around the world at any time! Visit for more information about Young Living’s 100% guarantee of purity.
Alright, lets get into to the real reason why you are reading this shall we? The best way to begin your oily journey is with the Premium Starter Kit! That is how I got started with oils, and I can tell you it has paid for itself over and over again in the value I have seen from these little bottles of oils for my daily wellness! In your starter kit, should you choose to make the investment, you will receive 11 5 milliliter bottles of essential oils, 2 pouches of Ningxia Red– Young Living’s proprietary drink containing Wolfberries from the Ningxia region of China which pack a punch of so many valuable nutrients and constituents; a diffuser of your choice, a Young Living product guide, educational material and other resources. Everything you need to get started for $160! Friend, that is a steal because just the 11 oils alone, bought separately from the kit, would cost you a total of about $201.50! Along with this steal of a deal, I will also give you some resources to help you along in your oily journey and you will have access to some online communities for support and continued education. Below is a pretty graphic that explains everything you would want to know about the Premium Starter Kit:
PSK Graphic
(Some ideas on ways to earn the money for your starter kit: have a garage sale, ask for it as a present for your birthday or the holidays, split it with a friend who is also wanting to be oily, sell lemonade, etc. Do whatever you gotta do to earn $160 to get your hands on this box of treasures! You will not regret it I promise you that!)
So, should you decide to become a member and fall in love with your oils there is still SO MUCH MORE greatness and purity to be had through Young Living’s over 140 different oils (singles and blends) and many other oil infused products with which you can replace the chemical-filled products that you use in your daily life. I know cost can be an issue, and so does Young Living, that’s why they offer an amazing monthly order/rewards program to their members called Essential Rewards! Check out the graphic below for the deets on all the great perks of this program:
Inline image 1
Now tell me you aren’t thinking, “Wow! This is great!”
So how about it?! Give me your thoughts, questions, concerns. I am totally willing and open to discussing anything you may be concerned about or have questions on! In the coming weeks I will be reaching out to you again with an invitation to an online class on essential oils that will give you the low down on what natural living can look like with Young Living products, so you can further wrap your head around all of this!
Thank you so much again for your interest in beginning your oily journey with Young Living and as a part of my team!
Live Pure,

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