7 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep from Young Living

7 Tips for Better Sleep

Hey Friends!

I feel like this is a really important topic for us to talk about: GOOD SLEEP HYGIENE.

I will be the first to admit that I am THE WORST at good bedtime habits. In fact, currently it is 10:30pm and I have the TV on and am in front of the computer, and I just ate some cheesy bread an hour ago….

…..however, despite the bit of hypocrisy, I still believe this is incredibly important. Also, tomorrow is Labor Day, so I am giving myself a bit of leeway on the healthy sleeping thing.

There’s grace for that, right?

Anyways, check out this blog post with some quick, easy tips for getting a great night’s sleep: https://www.youngliving.com/blog/beat-the-bedtime-blahs-seven-tips-for-a-better-nights-sleep/

All it takes is changing your habits Friends!

I’ll try to practice some of these tips this week and let y’all know how I’m doing! Keep me posted on how you all are doing!


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