Monday Encouragements: Weekly Videos

Hey there Friends!

I wanna flip this whole “Mondays suck!” mantra that everyone seems to be buying into on its head! Especially, on a rainy Monday like today.

The reason for this is because I am the biggest Monday complainer out there, and I will be the first to lobby for 3 or even 4 day weekends, but that is not very likely to happen for most of us. I am working towards a dream of having my own business selling Young Living Essential Oils and Oil-Infused products, but until that dream becomes a reality I realized that I needed to switch up my perspective a bit.

It all started with a dream I had and a conversation with my boyfriend about that dream. I found it REALLY encouraging to talk about the dream I had had, and turns out he found it encouraging as well. So I thought, well maybe I could encourage my Facebook friends with this dream too, and really open up the possibilities that God had given me that dream for! So I made a Facebook Live video, and it just so happened to be on a Monday, because that is when I have time to really do much of anything during the week, and the reactions were AMAZING!! I had people commenting and messaging me that what I had said was exactly what they needed to hear.


He took what was so simple, something that I could have just kept to myself and made it so much more than that! For His glory and, I believe, for the good of many who have and will see that video. Naturally, as an extrovert with the spiritual gift of encouragement, I wanted more! I wanted to continue this ministry to my Facebook friends.

And there began the my Monday Encouragements videos. Nothing special by any means, just little tidbits of Gospel-centered wisdom and encouragement that the Lord has graciously given to me, and allowed me the time and resources to share with anyone who will hear! But I couldn’t stop at just Facebook, and I figured the mission of these videos fits perfectly with the theme of this website.

So without further adieu, please feel free to click through the links below. I will continue to add links to this post as I record videos on Facebook Live. ENJOY!:

July 17th 2017: Monday Encouragement 1: The Vision

July 24th 2017: Monday Encouragement 2: The Art of a Victorious Perspective

August 2nd 2017: Monday Encouragement 3: Ramblings and the Power of God

August 11th 2017: Monday Encouragement 4a: Rest Part 1, Lack of Rest and Resulting Exhaustion and Hysteria

August 21st 2017: Monday Encouragement 4b: The Long Awaited Talk on Rest! **This one is a little longer than all the rest so far. It was really important to me that I speak a lot about this topic from the Word of God because not only is this topic something that I struggle hard with, but it is also something that I know most Americans and modern cultures struggle with too! Enjoy Friends!

September 4th 2017: Monday Encouragement: Labor Day Edition, Living Life Fearless in Freedom

October 9th 2017: Monday Encouragement: Encouragement in Struggles and Why It Has Been So Long

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