Rest in Wild Abandon


I had a dream a while ago that impacted me SO MUCH when I woke up that I put it down on paper real quick because I felt like I NEEDED TO SHARE THIS with you all….AND then I forgot about it honestly.

But I recently was reminded of this dream while looking at the drafts I have sittting around, and in reading over these notes that I scribbled just before leaving the house for work I was reminded that you guys NEED to hear this! And so do I.

The Dream: laying on a beach with a pillow and blanket, I look over to see a small shark wash ashore and then get pulled back into the ocean. Then, I look out further out to sea and notice a large great white shark just off shore, I spring up to get the heck out of there and at the same time my pillow gets washed out to the ocean, fear is mounting. I pause for what seems like an eternity trying to decide whether I should chance trying to get to the pillow (apparently this was my only pillow) as I watch it being pulled further and further out. Finally, I turn around to make a break for it because I assume that the shark is closing in on me. And right at that moment, the dream slows to a crawl. I cannot move very fast at all, and, by this point, the fear that has been mounting since I saw the shark is full blown terror, and I can’t move to climb up the cliff of sand I had been laying at the bottom of.

So can I just tell you that I remember waking up from this dream and thinking, “WHAT in the world?!” And then, somehow, which I can only describe as the Lord speaking to me through it, I was able to see exactly what He wanted me to see in this STRANGE string of events.


I don’t know if you noticed, but I only saw that stupid shark ONCE. And I was immediately paralyzed first in my decision-making ability, and then I physically could. not. move. I actually had no factual proof that that shark was coming to eat me. I was acting on fear, and fear alone. AND THAT FEAR WAS PARALYZING ME.

365 times. That is how many times we are COMMANDED by the Word of God:


So why do we believe the lie that is fear. Why do we believe that our God isn’t capable of saving us, that we are alone here? Because that is what we are really believing when we give into fear, right?

I, just yesterday, recorded a video on Facebook speaking about what I have been learning about victory. And that is, simply, we have it!

Jesus’ last statement on the Cross in Aramaic was Tetelestai. That means “It is finished.”



And we can live in that right now despite our circumstances. In fact, we MUST live in that. LIVE in the most unfair trade in the whole history of God and manm: your sin for Almighty God’s righteousness. And realize that that was part of the joy that was set before your Savior as he headed toward the Cross.

Remember when you were a child? Maybe not all the time and maybe not for all of us, but there were many more fearless moments in your life then than there are now, right? Why? Because you were excited by possibility, you were freed by innocence and freshness in the world. You were much more apt to trust in the promise of John 8:36 that if the Son sets you free, you are FREE INDEED!

My friend,


You CAN believe that like you did once, a long time ago. You CAN rest, and not give into fear when the unexpected great white sharks in life appear. You don’t have to become paralyzed because you assume that that circumstance or hardship is going to swallow you whole!


REST in the freedom that you have in Christ because He came and finished the work, EXACTLY THE WAY HE HAD PLANNED ALL ALONG! And do not fear.

RUN like a wild child toward the plans that the Lord has for you, to give you a hope and a future, to prosper you and not to harm you (Jeremiah 29:11)! And do not fear.

Do not fear.

Do not fear.



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