Verse of the Week

Alright, so confession time: obviously I am NOT very consistent. Unfortunately, it is a significant character flaw I have which can sometimes lead me to make promises that I can’t keep. I hate that. But, never the less, that is the truth of it. We all have our flaws, and I, no matter how much I would like to be seen as perfect, am certainly NOT! That being said, I can only say, not promise, not anymore– too many of those have been broken for my liking– that I am going to TRY to be much more consistent at this blogging thing than I have been. It is quite ironic that I say the word “try” because I will often tell the homeless and stuck clients I work with at my job that trying means very little. You either do something. Or you don’t. End of discussion. However hypocritical my statement may be in light of that, it stands. And my hope and prayer for myself is that when I say I will TRY, I really mean it. You, my readers, can be praying that for me as well because I do believe that the Lord has gifted this blog to me for a reason, and I have been neglecting this gift for far too long!

Anywho, let’s get to some content, shall we?

Scripture Verse of Week

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20

O my dear friends, this passage is SO PRECIOUS. For so many reasons my heart has gravitated toward this passage of scripture throughout my short life, especially lately– we’ll get to that in a bit.

First, let me explain my reasons for falling in love with this particular passage of scripture and for calling it precious:

  1. “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit WITHIN YOU” Friends, the Spirit of Almighty God, who is VERY holy, meaning set apart and worthy of the highest praise, lives inside of us. Can you wrap your head around that? I know I have a lot of trouble with that. And if you can, don’t you find yourself asking, “Why in the world would Holy God put His Holy Spirit inside of me?!” Yea. Me too. Guys, this is the very same Spirit who rose Christ from the dead, as Paul points out in Romans 8:11. From. The. Dead. When scripture talks about death, especially Christ being dead, the original language literally translates to “dead, dead”. Jesus was REALLY DEAD, this was no mistake like the German version of Snow White in which the princess’s breathing was momentarily cut off by an apple lodged in her windpipe. HE. WAS. DEAD. There is absolute finality there in scripture. And the Holy Spirit brought him from the finality of death, to the eternity of life again. And this same spirit resides in us now, if we have come to believe in Christ as our only hope of being rescued from our sin and God’s wrath as it’s consequence. It resides within us NOW. Not just when we leave this earth and enter eternal paradise, but right this moment! Take a moment and wrap your head around that magnificent truth.
  2. Have you wrapped your mind around that yet? Me neither. Moving on! “…whom you have from God”. So, not only is this magnificent Spirit living  and active in us, right. now. But, it is there because we have it from God Himself! God, our Father, has graciously and mercifully and purposefully taken action to put His Spirit within us. It did not just appear one day. NO. It was put there on purpose, as a gift, the most amazing gift– after God coming to us as one of us– ever given in the history of the entire Universe. The phrasing here also implies a certainty and permanency of the gift which I love. As if God is saying to us through Paul in this small phrase, “You have it. It is yours already. Forever it is yours. And I love to give it to you!” O my brothers and sisters, isn’t our God amazing?! So giving, gracious and in love with His rebellious, disobedient, worthless children!
  3. “You are not your own, for you were bought with a price.” Before we get too carried away with all of this freedom and the grace we have received, we MUST also remember that it has come at a cost. A steep cost. The classic words spoken by Jesus Himself in John 3:16 sum it all up. At the greatest cost imaginable for any parent, God expressed His love for His heinously corrupted creation. He sentenced literally His own flesh and blood to death under the fullness of His wrath for sin, that was never his, which had destroyed all of His original vision and plan for His earth and His image bearers on it. Friends, that is A LOT of wrath. That is a HEAVY wrath. A VERY steep cost which was joyfully paid by Jesus for the glory of the Father (Hebrews 12:2). Not only does this passage remind us of incredibly sweet promises from our God, but it also reminds us of the incredible cost associated with those promises.
  4. “So glorify God in your body.” Friends, I do not believe that this phrase is meant to be an instruction in paying God back for the gift of His indwelling Spirit and forgiveness and shielding from His wrath, for that would be Pharisaical at best. No. We cannot possibly pay God back for ANYTHING. EVER. That is a silly notion that you must get out of your head immediately if you believe in it. This phrase is meant as a command to respond to God’s grace. There must be a response, and there are only 2 that are possible. Reject God and his grace. Or accept it fully and spend the rest of your existence on this earth giving your whole self FREELY over to Him to be used by Him in His good plans. Specifically, this verse seems to be referring to giving your physical body over to the Lord for His glory. I would argue that this encompasses your mental and emotional state as well, as God has created our bodies and minds to work in conjunction with each other and so our physical and mental/emotional health will always go hand in hand. One could see, had we not fallen and become completely contaminated by sin, why God would want to be glorified in our bodies. However, it ought to be UTTERLY ASTONISHING to us, His children, knowing our totally depraved state (Isaiah 64:6), that He would concern Himself with our bodies at all. But he does. And that right there, in light of the sweet grace of an indwelling Holy Spirit paid for in full at the steepest cost in all the Universe, is all the reason in the world to TAKE EXCELLENT CARE OF THESE BODIES WE ARE GIVEN. Because the Lord God Almighty dwells in the body of the believer. And He wants us, commands us, to take care of it.

How utterly amazed are you by all of this?! Will you allow this to change your life and the way you have chosen to live it?


So friends, I am excited to let you know that the truth of this passage of scripture has significantly impacted my life on a continuous basis. Especially, in the last several months as the Lord has brought my long-standing passion for health and wellness as a way of worship to fruition in becoming an educator and advocate for Young Living Essential Oils.

This blog has been and will always be, first and foremost, about the Lord and the journey He is taking me on as I learn to faithfully follow Him down whichever path he leads me because he is completely trustworthy. The Lord and I have an agreement that the moment this becomes about me and not about Him, He will take swift action to shut it down. So my friends, I invite you to join me on this next chapter of my journey with the Lord! I am incredibly excited to get to share it with you! And I promise to NEVER be “salesy”. Although, I have chosen to pursue a business opportunity in Young Living’s essential oils and other oil-infused products, my passion and my reason for creating this blog remains: to make much of the Lord and all He has done and promises to do in and through me and you, my friends, my brothers and sisters. Oils just so happen to fit in with this passion and purpose as I believe the Lord has shared His passion for purity and wellness in His beloved children with me and desires that I would share it with you!

SO, in light of all of this I encourage you to stay tuned for more info and education on essential oils along with other God-honoring ways to care for your body as a temple to the Holy Spirit. I also have both a Facebook and Instagram account that I regularly share these types of things on that you are more than welcome to check out (I will be adding my Insta name to the tag line at the top of my site for easy access). I am also going to add a section to the bottom of my site with regularly occurring Young Living and wellness content. Please, do not think that this blog is going to become ALL about Young Living and natural wellness. I am going to do my very best to continue posting devotional and scriptural content as well!!

That’s that, friends! I am really excited to see where the Lord takes me in this next chapter of my journey, and to be able to take you all along with me! Stay tuned!

With so much love,


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