Jesus from a Movie About Wonder woman?

Alright friends, so we all know my struggles with consistency by this point. Recently, lots of changes have occurred in my life, and I believe there are many more to come in the near future. I am hoping it will drive me to be more intentional about this blog!

For now, here are some thoughts on the new Wonderwoman movie that I hope will point you to the Lord:

One of the last lines of the new Wonder woman movie was, “I believe in love.” Well, so do I! I believe in Love. I believe He is enough. He is enough for this entire world and all the sin in it. He is enough for you, and He is enough for me. Jesus freed us from the grave that would have been ours by taking our place in it and locked Satan, our Enemy, in a vise grip by rising, His children with Him, in victory over that grave. He is coming back to finish the work once and for all time, to bring His children and His Creation back into the Garden. To continue the story where it was cut short by our desire to be God, by sin, by Satan, in the the Kingdom with NO END where there will be no need for the sun, for the light of the face of the Son is greater!!

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