Scripture of the Week 3/3 to 3/11

Hello there!

Yes I have failed to be as consistent with posting and changing the verse of the week as I would like to be….


I am beginning something new this week where I will not only be changing the verse at the bottom of the site every week….hopefully…..but I will also be posting a little blurb about each verse of the week.

I‘m aiming for consistency and purpose here friends, so you will hopefully be able to count on a new verse each week AND some inspirational material to go along with that verse that I am hoping will point you to the Lord throughout the week!


This Week’s Verse: John 14:27

This was one of the very first verses I ever memorized when I first came to know the Lord and started reading my Extreme Teen Bible on a regular basis. At that time I don’t think the fullness of what Jesus is saying here really hit me, that only happened years later, but what really hooked me about this verse at first I think was the genuine love and care Jesus showed for His disciples. You see, this message of peace Jesus gave to His disciples was probably extremely comforting to them as He had just finished telling them that in just a short amount of time they would be in Jerusalem and there He would be betrayed, beaten and killed, that soon they would not see Him again.

Can you imagine how disheartening  and scary this must have been for His followers?

They had come to know Jesus as their teacher and very close friend. They had come to believe that He was indeed the Messiah who had come to free them. And they thought that meant that He was going to overthrow the oppressive and abusive Roman government. Now to hear their beloved teacher and leader saying these crazy things and to think that He would soon leave them?

What?! Jesus you’re joking right? You must be joking! Is this some kind of test or something?!

And Jesus knew all of this: every thought they were thinking, every worry that was bubbling up in their hearts and threatening to take control and distract them from the truth.

And so, we have the Savior’s response to His beloved children in this week’s passage.

Over the years, as I have continued to study and meditate on this verse and through the insight of many other brothers and sisters, I have only come to treasure it more. What has stuck out to me most recently is that Jesus promises His disciples a peace that is nothing like the “peace” that we get from this world– if you can even call it that. The world’s peace is VERY TEMPORARY and can be easily stolen from us, and it often leaves us in deep fear of losing it. It is fickle and based on ever-changing human emotions and circumstances. But real peace, just like joy, comes from and is sustained solely by the Lord God Almighty. Therefore, it is IMPOSSIBLE for true peace to ever be lost or stolen for “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8, NLT), and if the peace you have is flowing from Him, then it cannot and will not ever change or be taken away.

So my friends, I hope and pray that you, whoever you are and wherever you are in life, would really and truly rest in this promise of true peace straight from the lips of your Savior’s mouth.

Because your Abba Father invites you in with open arms.

So much love to you,


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