Some Inspiration from Acts

We are no longer separated from our God by our sinful nature, but we have been set free from the wages of sin and death by Jesus’ life, death and resurrection! The most unfair and unexpected trade in all of time, our sinful nature for his righteous nature, has allowed God to not just live among His people in the most holy place of a temple but IN US by His Holy Spirit!! He is Almighty God, who has created ALL THINGS; how could He possibly be kept in buildings made by man?! No! His love is wild and free, and chases after our hearts NO MATTER WHAT THE COST! That kind of love cannot be kept, but must burst forth and reside in the very hearts of those it cherishes, treasures and adores: ALL OF US WHO WOULD CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the new verse of the week at the bottom of the site!

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