“You Don’t Have To Hide From God” by Jeff Bethke

The first question God asks after Adam and Eve took the first steps into sin in Genesis chapter 3 is, “Where are you?” This is so beautiful because it shows that God’s first response to disobedience and sin is to pursue, not condemn (the just consequences of their actions did come, but not until after He had pursued them and spoken with them). And as the human race has continued, God has never changed. He has been seeking us out from the very beginning and even went to such great lengths of sending His son and letting us destroy him in order to seek us out and bring us back to Himself.

He has always been after us and our hearts, to love us and to know us, so don’t hide from that! Run to it! Run to Him!

Check out the video below by Jeff Bethke, which inspired this post. I have also included the links to some of his other videos which go along with this idea that God loves us and pursuing us and we don’t have to hide from him!

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