Building His Church in a Refugee Crisis | Desiring God

Brothers and sisters, let’s view this as an OPPORTUNITY not a safety concern or an obstacle to be overcome! God is making reaching this UNREACHED people group so much easier for us!! He has a heart for these people, and He wants them to know Him! Our God is a jealous God over His people and will go to WHATEVER LENGTHS NECESSARY to bring them to Himself!!

Will we, as people who claim to be “little Christs”, do the same and participate in this great opportunity God has dropped right into our laps?

Check out this quote from the article below and then read the article if you wish. Let it challenge your way of thinking and move your heart in the same direction as your Father’s is moving: to love with an incredible, crazy love those who don’t have any idea of the Gospel!

“The last one hundred years have seen a sweeping movement of the gospel across the Global South. Christ’s kingdom is advancing despite the fiercest attempts to stop it, because the Spirit blows where he wishes (John 3:8). {{SO LET’S PRAY — pray that the knowledge of the gospel WILL COME TO MANY UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS for the first time as a result of this refugee crisis. Let’s pray that many Muslims will come to Christ. Let’s pray that the church in Europe and in the United States WOULD BE REVIVED AS WE PRAY AND LOVE AND WITNESS.

God is building his church — through this refugee crisis — and the very hellishness of ISIS will not prevail against it.”

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