Brothers and Sisters, Unwed Pregnancy Is Not a Sin | AFTER+MATH

At first glance the title of this article made me think it was going to be a bunch of hogwash, liberal false gospel crap. However, as I began to read I realized that I was VERY wrong!!

Brothers and sisters, this article is talk ng the real true Gospel and applying it to a very practical issue nowadays! We are called to love others, not to turn them away just because they made a mistake and gave into a sin. Truth of the matter is: we ALL sin and fall short of the glory of God! ALL OF US!! So who are we to judge, ostracize and hate those whose sinful act has lead to a pregnancy?!

That baby that soon-to-be teen mom is carrying is a GIFT to this world from Almighty God! It doesn’t matter how that child came about. He or she STILL HAS VALUE and A PURPOSE! If they didn’t, then their Father in Heaven wouldn’t have created them!

Celebrate that child as a GIFT! Help his or her mother (and father) to realize that the child is not the problem, but their sinful nature and the rebellion which lead them to sin against God and themselves in sexual immorality. Open your eyes to see that just maybe, GOD HAS DECIDED TO REDEEM THIS SIN BY ALLOWING THE MIRACLE OF A NEW HUMAN LIFE TO BEGIN OUT OF IT!!

This perspective change in our churches and small groups may just end up saving hundreds or even thousands of babies lives!! Now how bout them apples!

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