The Giver and God’s Love

The Giver was a great movie! I recommend it to EVERYONE! It opened my eyes more so than they already were to the pain and evil we have brought into this world, but also it opened my eyes to the fact all the good things we have created and are capable of would be nothing without evil. The Elders in The Giver tried to create a society of perfection, but instead they took the humanity out of people. Only God could create a perfect society because only He knows what perfection is. He did create such a world, complete with the freedom for us to make choices. We chose to disobey Him and destroyed the perfect unity He had created. For that He had every reason to destroy us completely, but He didn’t. He created us out of the purest love and joy to ever exist, that never changed, we did. We became sinful. We became evil. BUT no amount of evil could ever stop the love that God has for us. No amount of evil trumps even the smallest good in us because that good is a leftover, a remnant of what used to be, of what God had originally created us to be. He sees that, even through the evil and junk we have brought. And that is why He has made it His mission since we fell to sin to make us new again! That is why He came to restore us and bring us back to Himself! Back home.

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