No Man is an Island, We Are All Part of One Body!

We were all created by God as ONE BODY. In all His diversity He has created a human race that is as varied as it comes, but we were not meant to live life separately from one another, as if our diversity keeps us from, one another. No! We were meant to live as one amazing creation, together bringing glory to our amazing God. That’s why He created us in the first place, and why, even after we rejected His plan in favor of our own, He sent His son Jesus, who is one with Himself (John 10:30), to bring us back to that God-glorifying oneness that we were originally meant for!

Ever wonder why you feel so alone when you are alone? Ever wonder why, somehow, life is always more fun when you are with other people? Ever wonder why when parents neglect their children and never spend time with them, they end up depressed and screwed up?

It’s because we were not made to be alone!

We were created by a God who is community in and of Himself! Of course, if our God, whose image we are made in, is community and loves community within His triune self (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), then why in the world could we ever think that we could do this life on our own?! It just doesn’t make sense.

So if you are feeling down and out, find good, uplifting community somewhere! Because like Tenth Avenue North days in their new song “No Man is an Island”:

“We’re not meant to live this life alone!”

My hope and prayer for you, reader, is that this little blurb would inspire you to get out there and find a good group of people who are going to build you up when you are down, point you to the Might Counselor when you are weak, and laugh with you when everything is hunky-dory!

I don’t know about you but the subject of community has been showing up a lot for me both in my personal life and within the lives of some of my favorite authors and artists. Unity and community within the church, and within the entirety of the human race are things that God really cares about, and it seems like He is making a whole lotta noise about them in the hearts of His people!

We gotta pay attention to this!

If you haven’t checked them out yet here are the links to Jeff Bethke’s new video and a video journal from the Tenth Ave’s lead singer on “No Man is an Island” from their new EP “Islands”:

The Scandal Of Grace | Jefferson Bethke:

Tenth Avenue North – No Man Is An Island – Video …:
**I encourage you to check out the album itself, as well as the other videos the band has made for “Islands”**

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