Some Thoughts on Modesty

Facebook has seemed to be a great place for me to find great articles lately! This one is about modesty. Now before you ignore this post as just another crazy Christian trying to tell women that their bodies are evil things that must be covered up in order to keep men from lusting, I would tell you that this article says quite the opposite. While I do not completely agree with everything the author says I think she is headed in a very right direction with her thoughts and that she gives very helpful insight into what the Bible really says about modesty.

I pray that you would enjoy reading this article regardless of my own opinions and that you would be able to filter it through the only true and righteous judgement of the Spirit of Christ. The author absolutely makes some very good points!

As a disclaimer though I will say that the author seems to blame men’s lustful tendencies solely on them and states that they must be held fully accountable for their thoughts. While I absolutely agree with her on that and think it is completely Biblical and that men, and anyone really, should be held accountable for their sin of lusting just like any other sin, I would say that, especially for our brothers in Christ, I believe that we, as their sisters, do have an obligation to be our brother’s keeper and to help them out by dressing in a way that will not lead them all the more into temptation. I know that the author’s intention was not at all to say that women should dress as scandalously as they wish and leave it up to men to handle their own minds, but I’m not sure that someone who is a new Christian and/or does not have such strong convictions about modesty would not see it that way.

However this does lead me to another point that I do not quite agree with the author on. I am in complete agreement that popular Christian views on modesty do have a tendency to shame women for their natural curves and beautiful God-given bodies that were made in His image and that these views are still objectifying women’s bodies by putting all of the focus on their physical forms instead of on their character. However, I wish that the author would have made a stronger point for why we should dress modestly and seek to be dignified and respectable women of God. I absolutely love the point that she makes about buying a bathing suit. That our focus should not be based on men but instead on selecting an ethically sourced bathing suit that we can be comfortable and carefree in while enjoying the joys of summer Sun and ocean water and sand, but I would have liked for her to also make the point of dressing in a way that glorifies the Lord.

While yes, I have to agree that as women it is okay to want to dress in a way that makes us feel beautiful and comfortable, and that it is actually very important for our mental and emotional health to allow ourselves to be the beautiful creations we are and not to hide underneath frumpy clothes, glasses and no makeup or jewelry all the time. We must also remember what our purpose has been from the beginning: to bring glory to our Creator in whose image we have been made. Therefore, I think we must be careful to always check our motives when we are getting dressed for the day or shopping for a new bathing suit, etc. Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be beautiful and dressing in a way that makes you feel beautiful, and even more so acting in a way that reveals your beautiful character as a daughter of God. Nor is there anything wrong with dressing to be of help to your brothers in Christ and just men in general. However, these motives must come second to dressing and behaving in a way that is pleasing your heavenly Father. We are called as children of God, first and foremost, to this purpose!

I will leave you with a few points on what “good” is and is not from my pastor’s most recent sermon on the doctrine of man:
1. Good is acting in obedience to God and His will.
2. Good always seeks the proper goal of God: His glory and the success of His kingdom.
3. Good is motivated by faith in the grace and mercy of Jesus.
4. Sin has distorted this notion of goodness as it was meant to be and has disregarded the maker of all goodness, who is goodness Himself, making it all about you and “whatever feels good and comfortable to you.”

Therefore we must be sure that our motivations line up with true goodness and Godliness, and that we do not allow sin in our lives to turn goodness on it’s head by making it all about us.

Thank you for reading my thoughts on this article, and now I would encourage you to read it for yourself and make your own opinions. Enoy!

Here is the article:

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