Good Morning!

This truly is yet another wonderful morning! Not just because we are all alive and kickin’ or because the sun is shining (it always is, even when we can’t see it!), but even moreso because this is the day we remember what God, through Jesus, has done for us!

About 2000 years ago the most senseless and horrid murder that will ever happen ever occurred. We murdered our God, who had come to this earth to live life with us, all of our struggles, heartbreaks, concerns. He came to live through it all!


Because He loves us! Plain and simple. Everything Jesus has done and continues to do for us to this day is all out of the purest love that could ever exist!

But that’s not all! And this is what I think a lot of believers and non-believers alike have been missing in the recent past. The biggest deal about Jesus’ life is not that He was born as a human, one of His own creation, or that He allowed for himself to be slaughtered on the Cross to take the punishment for our sin, but truly the event that we should be making the biggest deal about is that after all of those truly wondrous things He did, He rose again.

This is what we celebrate on Easter Sunday throughout the world! It is a  bigger deal than Good Friday and even Christmas! Because without Easter, there would be no reason to celebrate those other holidays at all. If Jesus did not rise from the dead to return to His place by the Father’s side in the heavens, then He was not God. And if He is not God, then everything He did on earth was pointless and He was just a liar or a lunatic.

Do you see the importance of this day? The resurrection was the period at the end of a plan which had been in the works since we disobeyed the one command the Father had given us in the Garden and brought sin and death into the world. The resurrection was God’s acceptance of the sacrifice Jesus had just made in our stead 3 days earlier.

Jesus’ entrance into this world celebrated on Christmas, His life here and His exit from this world celebrated on Good Friday mean absolutely nothing without His re-entrance into the heavens, into His proper place as part of our Triune God. So praise the Lord for this Easter Morning, it is indeed a very important morning!

Hallelujah and all praise to our merciful God! For without this day in history we would truly be a lost cause forever!

For Freedom by Jimmy Needham:

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