God Is Not Dead

I just saw the movie God’s Not Dead and it was excellent! However this is not a blog post about the movie, although it has been inspired by it.

God is not dead. However He has been dead before.


Yes, I speak the truth. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well that’s just it, He has been dead because of His crazy love for us!

Let me explain.

God is, well, God. He can do whatever He pleases and no one can really say anything in opposition because, well, He created everyone and everything, so who are we to question that?

But do you get what I am saying?

God can do whatever He wants; He had the choice to either create the Universe and the Earth within it and then to create you and I on the Earth, or not. He did not have to create us. He did not have to make you and give you life. But He did.


Because He wanted to. He desired for you to exist, otherwise He would not have made you and by consequence you would not be here. He desired to create you because it brought Him immense joy to do so. Immense. Joy.

You see God had it in mind from the very beginning of time to live in complete harmony with His creation. His people that He had just made, with all of our many nuances and quirks and personalities. He loved us, all of us, every aspect of every one of us from the moment He thought us up. He desired to spend eternity with us.

BUT we screwed it up.

We wanted more than living in perfect unity and harmony with God, and we, yes we, gave in to that desire, we wanted to be God. So our first father and mother, the prototype humans if you will, disobeyed the one rule God gave them and ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because they wanted more than the perfection that had been given to them, literally laid out before them for them to take full advantage of. And to this very day, we have all been striving to be God, just like our prototypes. It is part of who we are now as human beings, to defy and disobey God in order to try to be Him, which is utterly impossible.

Enter Jesus.

God in human form. God in human form. As if that weren’t enough. That God would literally make Himself a part of the Creation He made. But He took it further than that. He died. He died so that the consequences of the mess we made trying to be Him wouldn’t fall on us, as they should have, but on Him in our stead. He took the blame for everything that is wrong with this world, that rightfully rested on our shoulders, and put it all on Himself. In return for absolutely nothing from us. In fact, not only did He take on our blame, but He also gave us His own Godly righteousness.

God has died in our stead, but guess what?

God is not dead!

He is surely alive! And what does that mean for us?


We are a hopeless case, a lost cause, but Jesus (God in human form) came to us, lived here with us on this Earth, that He had created; died in our place and rose up out of the grave to return to His rightful place with His Father God and to finish death and its hold on us once and for all time.

He has been dead before and is now alive. He has conquered death for us because we could not. Because of His crazy amazing love for us, for you, yes, you!

Will you believe it? You can’t believe it on your own. You need God to open your heart and open your eyes to His truth, so if you want to believe it ask Him to make you believe it and He will. He has already put that desire in your heart to know Him and believe Him. He has already begun to pursue you.

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