A Blog I Love….and You Should Too!

A Blog I Love….and You Should Too!

Hey There! So in the Spirit of Valentine’s Day I wanted to post a couple blogs (another one is coming up directly after this one) I love…on the subject of love, dating, marriage, “guy-girl stuff” for you all to read. I love these blogs because they put the idea of love and everything that Valentine’s Day seems to be built on these days into perspective. Both are written by women, however I want all ya’ll to read them!!

Not only are there important reminders in them about what true love really is and who it really comes from for the ladies, but I think they can also be a good reminder of those things for all you guys out there, as well as give you some insight into a woman’s heart, because I know you all have been at that point sometime in your lives where you are just completely confused about us! (It’s okay, a lot of the time we are really confused about what we want as well, so you’re not alone ;])

So here you are! Get clickin’ and readin’! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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