When Faith Becomes ‘Religion’

A very provocative and well-written warning to all of us in this “new generation of Christians.” We must, as this young generation of people coming back to a simple faith in Christ, remember our roots, the mistakes we have made in the past as a body of believers and strive, only by the strength of our Lord, to be better and truly more Christ-like than we have been in the past. While I do agree with the author that our focus needs to be on authentic Christ-like love, we must also be careful not to let this bleed into tolerance. Jesus was, by no means, tolerant of the many false teachings that were being spread throughout Israel during His time, and I believe that we also are called not to tolerate false doctrine and anything that goes against the Word of God.

Stephen Mattson

This piece was published on Redletterchristians.org here

Young and old, rich and poor, and people from every social, economic, political and cultural background are starting to rethink their faith. A fresh movement is happening, and in its purest form is about one thing: following Christ. This transformation is reshaping the Christian landscape. Believers are starting to simplify their faith in order to exemplify Christ—a simple yet profound way to live out the gospel. This has become a revolutionary concept.

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