Why Date?

Hey everyone! So a couple weeks back I posted those blogs about girls and guys and dating stuff (the ones that were written from a girl to guys and then the response from a guy to the ladies) on my Facebook (I don’t think I posted them here on Tumblr but I will), and then the other day I posted my blog to the ladies about really valuing yourself as a daughter of God and not believing lies that the world tells you about being a woman. So to go along with those things and thus theme of dating and “guy-girl” stuff I wanted to share this video from a recently married couple where they answer questions on dating. This is the first video in a series of Q & A videos that they did on the subject.

These issues of dating and self-esteem and seeking identity in the Lord has been something that God has really been putting on my heart lately and that I have been going through personally as well, so I wanted to share some “nuggets” of wisdom with you all!! Enjoy!!

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