Snow White and the Huntsman

Well hello everyone! I have just returned from a wonderful evening with my parents! We went to dinner at Applebee’s and then my dad and I saw ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’.

I have to say that this movie was extraordinary! Truly it was! It had everything romance, adventure, thrill, inspiration and even a little Jesus thrown in there šŸ˜‰ If you have to ask, yes I am the kind of person who looks for and can most often find Jesus in anything. Because He is God and God is everywhere and in everything! He did create the entire Universe after all!

So like I said there were definitely some Biblical themes in this movie, mostly surrounding Snow White. Everyone in the kingdom adores her, she brings life and healing to those she is around, she dies at the hands of evil itself (the Queen) and rises again to life, she defeats death itself (once again the Queen), and becomes Queen and will reign over her kingdom for years to come. Sound familiar?

I thought so. For me this movie ran many parallels to the story of the Gospel and it reminded me once again of God’s power to defeat sin and how much He indeed hates it! It reminded me of the fact that Christ has defeated sin and death and has risen again and is and forever will be reigning On High over His Kingdom. That is a comforting thought, is it not? And even more so just like Snow White would undoubtedly defend her kingdom to the death, Jesus will as well and He promises to do just that when He comes back and vanquishes the enemy once and for all and invites as all into the Marriage Feast of the Lamb!

God is so great and if you are listening and watching closely He will never fail to remind us of this fact, and to give us comfort in knowing that He truly is Lord of all Lords and King of all Kings! Never forget that you are a warrior for the Kingdom of Heaven, a Kingdom that has indeed already won the battle šŸ˜‰

~Peace John 14:27~

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