Jesus is the Blessing, so go talk about Him!!

Jesus Christ Himself is the blessing. Although we may get a ton of blessings in life, the real blessing is the fact that WE GET GOD! Isn’t that a huge blessing in itself?! We can’t go through life so much looking for what things or healing or whatever we can get from God. That should not be our main focus. What we need to focus on is the fact that we get God as our Father, as our friend. The God of the Universe is completely in love with us!! That in and of itself is the most amazing gift we could ever ask for!! And since we have that awesome blessing we are called to go share that with world!! We are called to present the love and grace of Christ with the world not just the lifestyle we live because of Christ. If people don’t hear about Him how will they know Him and experience His love and grace? So don’t just expect people to see the way you live and automatically know about Christ. Use your words and go tell them!! Yes we should build relationships with people just like our relational God built them with us through Christ. But if all you are doing is hanging out with people in the hopes that maybe they will find Christ because your good deeds or that maybe they will ask you about God, you’re wasting your time. There will be no advancement of the kingdom unless we, who have experienced the love and grace of Christ, go out and TELL people about Him!!!!!

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